IACUE Board Election

Let's congratulate the newly elected Inland Area CUE Board Members!

Laurel Aguilar-Krichhoff

San Bernardino County

Fontana Unified School District - Coordinator of Professional Development

As a teacher, EdTech coach, digital learning specialist, and coordinator of professional development/teacher support, I’m eager to volunteer for the IACUE Board. I believe in the mission of IACUE to support our members and provide outreach to educators that may be new to educational technology. In the digital age of learning, it is crucial that we prepare our students to succeed not only as consumers of technology, but as responsible creators as well. The work that IACUE does to provide pedagogically sound learning resources/strategies, as well as help provide meaningful connections for educators is of utmost importance for significant student learning outcomes. I would be honored to serve on the IACUE Board to help advance this mission. @Lucykirchh

Tonya Coats

Riverside County

Jurupa Unified District- 2nd Grade Teacher

My name is Tonya Coats and I'm honored and excited to be nominated as a IACUE Board Member. I have been an educator for 20 years and have strong background in computer science. Due to this, I have a passion for technology and exposing students to what is possible through the use and creation of technology. I have served as my school’s technology coordinator for over 10 years where I provide training to teachers of all grade levels. I'm also a 2022 Micro:bit champion which allows me to work with educators from all over the world to share Micro:bit teaching ideas. I would love the opportunity to serve as IACUE board member to be an advocate for EdTech to increase knowledge and opportunities to our inland empire educational communities. @teachercoats

Dr. Greg McWhorter

Riverside County

Val Verde Unified School District - Technology Integration Specialist

Dr. Greg McWhorter is a Latinx educator & writer. Since the 1980s, he has worked for newspapers, radio, television, & film before entering the field of education. McWhorter was a classroom teacher for 12 years & taught English-Language Arts, AVID, TV Production, & Computer Science. He has been a guest speaker at several universities, TV shows, film documentaries, & conferences. For the last 7 years, Dr. McWhorter has worked as a Technology Integration Specialist for Val Verde Unified School District. He recently completed the Chief Technology Officer program & has been instrumental in many tech initiatives at his district. As an IACUE Board Member, he hopes to share his knowledge with others & collaborate on Inland Area tech needs. @DrGregMcWhorter

Lisa Moe

San Bernardino County

Chino Valley Unified School District- 4th Grade Teacher

Lisa Moe teaches 4th Grade in Chino Valley Unified School District. She earned her BA in Cultural Anthropology from UCLA, an MAT and multi-subject teaching credential from UC Irvine, and an additional Masters of Science in Educational Technology from Cal State Fullerton University. In 2020, she was named the Edwin Carr Fellow in Educational Technology through California State University, Fullerton as someone deemed to make “significant impacts in the world of education.” In 2021, she was named the Inland Area CUE Blended and Online Educator of the Year as a teacher who has made a noteworthy contribution to learning in an online or blended setting. @MissMoeTeaches

Ashley Yazarlou

Riverside County

Hemet Unified School District - Technology Integration Teacher on Assignment

I am currently a Technology Integration TOSA for HUSD’s PD Department. Prior to that, I served as an ELA teacher for 11 years and an instructional coach for 2 years. I am a certified Level 2 Google Educator, an AVID Digital Teaching & Learning Educator, and a Leading Edge Digital Educator. I lead and support teachers with technology professional development and I have had the honor to present for SBCSS, RCOE, and as a keynote panelist at last year’s IE Google Camp. As a way to support teachers in a broader network, I am working on expanding my social media presence, writing my educational technology blog, and planning for a future podcast! Read my full statement of purpose here: bit.ly/AYazIACUE I would greatly appreciate your vote! @AshleyYazarlou