IACUE Board Election

Meet the Candidates for the 2024 IACUE Board Election!!!

The election window will be from April 15th - April 29th, 2024

To be eligible to vote, one must be an IACUE member prior to beginning of the election.

Ballots will be sent to members via email through Election Buddy!

Please note, candidates are presented in alphabetical order.

Darren Alcala

San Bernardino County

Cucamonga School District- Technology Instructional Coach

It has been an honor serving on the Inland Area CUE board for the past six years in my various roles on committees and as the current board president. I currently work as the district technology instructional coach for the Cucamonga School District where I coach and provide professional development for teachers to improve their instructional practices with the integration of 21st-century skills, effective teaching strategies, and educational technologies. I am a big proponent of creativity in the classroom and bringing more computer science opportunities to our region. I am eager and excited to continue the work in helping the board serve our affiliate region. It is a privilege that I hope to continue with your vote. Thank you! 


Dr. Trevor Dietrich

Riverside County

Corona Norco Unified School District- Principal

My name is Dr. Trevor Dietrich. I have been an educator for 26 years, the last 15 of which serving as an elementary school principal. In 2020 I got to open a new STEAM magnet school in Corona Norco called Rondo School of Discovery. These last four years have been a great opportunity for me to learn about tech integration, STEAM, PBL, and how coming out of the pandemic was an opportunity to improve schools as we attempt to prepare students to be the leaders, thinkers, collaborators and problem solvers of the 21st Century. I am by no means an expert when it comes to tech integration, EduProtocols, or computer science education. What am, though, is passionate about these things and the chance we have now to lead educators for a better tomorrow 


Christopher McClung

San Bernardino County

Redlands Unified School District - Assistant Principal

I’m Christopher McClung, an Elementary Assistant Principal in Redlands, California. My teaching background is in Arts, Media, and Entertainment within Career Technical Education (CTE). I focus on graphic design, animation, and video game design. Beyond the classroom, I’ve developed CTE curriculum, coached new teachers, and coordinated state-wide teacher induction programs. Personally, I’m joyously married to my wife, who shares my passion for education. We have 8 children and enjoy family time exploring the MCU, Star Wars, and all things Disney. Excelsior! 🌟 


Zahra Razi

San Bernardino County

Fontana Unified School District - Teacher

Zahra is a passionate advocate for integrating computer science with other disciplines in education, believing in its potential to foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Currently serving as a Math, CTE, and Computer Science Teacher at Wayne Ruble Middle School, Fontana Unified School District, Zahra has developed a comprehensive computer science pathway for middle school students covering various topics such as programming, physical computing, data science, robotics, and AI.  With a background in computer science and teaching pedagogy, she has established a curriculum that extends beyond electives, seamlessly integrating CS concepts into core and intervention subjects through collaboration with content area teachers. 


Anne Rizzacasa

Riverside County

Hemet Unified School District - Teacher

Hello IACUE! I am so excited to continue to serve you on the IACUE board. I have been on the board for 3 years coordinating events and being the VP of Business. I have been teaching Science at Tahquitz High School for 10 years. I love to make technology an integral part of my classroom and help others feel comfortable with using new technology too. I am so inspired by this #cuemmunity and I would like to continue to be involved. 


Matthew Thomas

Riverside County

Perris Union High School District - District Instructional Coach

I have been a high school English teacher and instructional coach for nineteen years and run the Teach Based on Science YouTube channel. As an instructional coach, I currently support over 500 teachers and 11,000 students. My expertise lies in applying neuroscience and behavioral psychology to develop effective and engaging teaching strategies. I have presented at over 100 conferences and workshops, focusing on bridging the gap between neuroeducation and specific and practical activities that teachers can use immediately in the classroom. I aspire to join the IACUE board to broaden my impact on education, aligning with my roles in professional development and coaching. I feel that I can be a positive addition to an already great team.

Natalie Valles

Riverside County

Hemet Unified school District - Special Education Teacher

As an educator in various roles over the past 30 yrs, I am fortunate to have embraced educational technology early. I have served in many leadership positions in and outside of my district, where I often support others in their journey as educators. Technology integration in education has experienced an amazing turn where universal access is becoming a norm for all students, regardless of their placement and needs. In fact, students have had doors open to them that previously required specific training to support them. Active within my tech communities as an educator, volunteer and presenter at the district and county level since 2013, I’m thrilled to receive a nomination to the CUE board and hope to support the work the CUE. 


Tory Wadlington

Riverside County

Murrieta Valley Unified school District - Education Specialist

In my 8th year as a special education teacher in Southern California, I'm passionate about equity and safe spaces for BIPOC students. As a co-founder of Equity in Action CA, I unite teachers of color for growth. Graduating from Grambling State University, an HBCU, I noticed disparities, driving me to mentorship and a Master’s in Educational Technology. Using computer science, I create inclusive classrooms and engage disinterested students, while my focus on special education and Social and Emotional Learning guides my training for embracing all students.