Grant Purpose

IACUE is the regional affiliate of CUE supporting the Riverside and San Bernardino County areas. Through the IACUE Grant Program, the IACUE Board supports educators in the region to develop innovation in education.

Award Amount

Applicants may apply for up to 500$ in technology hardware/ or software or purchases needed to attend professional development (ticket, hotel or flight). Items/PD should provide a long term impact, enhance one’s organization or effectiveness, and/or increase student achievement.

  • Please plan for sustainability in your application, not items that require continued funding.  

Eligibility & Requirements

All certificated personnel in the IACUE region(San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, California [excluding the Coachella Valley]) are eligible to apply. Awardees must be CUE members and current IACUE  members. (MEMBERSHIP FREE FOR ALL THIS YEAR- JOIN NOW) Awardees will share the results of their project with the IACUE community via a written post for our affiliate newsletter. You can view the scoring rubric here.

Application Instructions

  1. Go to and click on the tab for the Innovation Grant Program 17/18.

  2. Fill out the Google Form application by March 1st

  3. Make sure is not blocked by your email.

  4. Attend the IACUE Affiliate meeting at CUE National on March 16th to find out if you’re a winner!

    1. Winners will also be notified via email in March 16th.

Application Questions
Below are the questions you will be asked on the Google Form. We have provided them here in case you would like to work on your application prior to submitting your proposal for the grant. 


Best contact email

Best contact phone number

Social Media

School District

Work Site



Work Phone Number

Principal/Supervisor Name

Principal/Supervisor Email


Title of Project

Please describe your project.

Please describe how this project aligns to the standards/frameworks of your discipline/position.

Please describe how the materials you’ve selected will help you innovate in your classroom/position?

Please describe how you plan to measure the success of your project.

Please describe how you plan on sharing your project with colleagues at your school site and educators throughout the community

Please provide a brief timeline of project implementation.

Please provide an estimated budget for your project. You can provide a link to a sheet or PDF of a cart from a website. (Please note the award amount will be up to 500$ only.)

I will turn in receipts for reimbursement to IACUE by April 30th if awarded the grant. (Check yes only)

I am excited to share about my project, if awarded the grant, in an upcoming IACUE newsletter. (Check yes only)