Alludo Game

IACUE Tech Fair

Are you ready for the IACUE Tech Fair?

To kick off our learning at IACUE, we are pleased to announce, Better Together! Engage in your sessions in a whole new way with hands-on, reflection-based learning activities. Each activity in the Better Together self-direct game will encourage and reward you for collaborating, innovating, and learning together.

Take a few minutes and get a head start on your pre-Tech Fair activities! All game players will receive this year’s IA CUE button upon arrival along with stickers for every mission and level completed.

Complete 100 points in every mission and you will to become an IA CUE Collaborator. Enjoy and see you Saturday!

Stickers and badges available all day Saturday*

Earn an extra Raffle Ticket for every mission and level completed!

*while supplies last