Session 2

10:40 - 11:25

From the Mouths of Teens: Ways to Keep Students Engaged and Creating in room #205

Presented by Rayla Dominoe and Toni Martin

What are the best ways to engage your students? Hear from a student and learn ways to incorporate interactive, technology-enhanced activities that nurture your students' creativity, promote choice, and amplify their voices.

To have and to hold, keep your lesson BOLD (UDL + SEL, too) in the Primary STEAM Lab

Presented by Kim Voge

As you build your lessons, there are so many details to consider: blended resources, UDL, SEL, standards, differentiation...maximize outcomes while minimizing your time. By using EduProtocols, you will meet the diverse needs of your learners. Leverage tech in all the right ways!

Choice Boards based on DOK...Just What the DOK Ordered! in room #202

Presented by Steve Morris

We all have heard of choice boards...heck, Google search "choice boards" and you will get over a million hits! Some are great and some are...well, let's just say it's not what the DOK ordered! Come learn how to design choice boards based on DOK where each activity is associated with a level of DOK.

Eduprotocols: Unpack, Rack, Stack, and Adapt in room #203

Presented by Jennifer Goodwin and Lisa Chavez

Participants will unpack learning standards, Rack and Stack Eduprotocols, and learn how they can adapt popular Eduprotocols to boost achievement.

Close Reading Culturally Relevant Music in room #204

Presented by Leticia Citizen, Tory Wadlington, Dr. Toutoule Ntoya

Inspire students to interact and closely read music lyrics through a lens of diversity and equity to engage on significant issues surrounding culture, social justice, inclusion, and racial discourse. Cultivate a space where each student's voice is shared and relationships are nurtured.

Lesson Plan Less, Teach More with Kami!....The Friend You Didn’t Know You Had in room #201

Presented by Steve Martinez

Time is precious for teachers, coaches, and administrators. Luckily, Kami is here to give us our time back with powerful tools and resources for educators to use! This session will give participants the power to take their time back and teach more.

Learning Playlists: Letting Go, Embracing Chaos & Building Student Autonomy in room #101

Presented by Emily Soresi and Brittany Hansberger-Christy

Sick of being the sage on the stage? Find yourself needing to differentiate now more than ever? Come hear about what Learning Playlists are, how they might work for you, and our journey in implementing Learning Playlists in our classrooms this year and last. All skill levels & subject areas welcome!

Pear Deck: Engagement Booster in room #207

Presented by Emma Horlick

This session will show participants how to use PearDeck in unique ways to get students involved in the classroom online and in person. Teachers will create an engaging slides to boost assessment and engagement in the classroom.

Flex'ing your Classroom with Blended Learning in room #107

Presented by Brittany Bush and Erin Aschoff

Come and learn about how an ELA educator and a Science educator transformed their classrooms into blended learning environments (‘Cafe Flex’ and ‘Flexperiment’) where students have increased agency and ownership of their learning experiences. Resources and implementation ideas will be shared.

Increase Student Feedback to Increase Student Success (*90 minutes starting in Session 2 and continuing into Session 3) in room #206

Presented by Katherine Kinsey and Susan Coffee

Student Feedback is the fuel to increase student learning. In this interactive session, learn, share, and explore Student Feedback in its many forms - Individual, Small Group, and Whole Class. Shifting from grading to feedback makes learning more meaningful for the teacher and the student.

eSports Demonstration and Q&A in the library!

Hosted by Bethany Thompson & Gretchen Peratt from AVUSD

Curious what eSports is and looks like? Not sure where or how to start? Come to the library to play, ask questions, and learn about the exciting new world of eSports!