Session 1

9:45 - 10:30 

Building Classroom & Campus Culture: Practical Ideas for Teachers & Admin Positive Culture in room #205 

Presented by Brent Coley 

Its presence can be felt when walking into a classroom or onto a school campus. When it's present, magical things can happen. When it's not, joy and learning can be hard to come by. Come learn PRACTICAL ways to build a culture of appreciation and joy in your classroom and school!

Learn and Lead: Deploy EduProtocols at Your School or District in the Primary STEAM LAB

Presented by Kim Voge

Model EduProtocols in staff meetings, PD, & instructional coaching. Incorporate classroom friendly lesson frames for learning while providing access to information your teachers need. Discover ways to improve outcomes of meetings by creating meaningful opportunities rather than "sit & get" options.

Teach with Disney Magic: Tell Your Story in room #202

Presented by Kevin Roughton

Imagineering is the blend of technology and creativity. Disney designers get the best of both worlds by building their experiences around a story. Join me to learn how to use those techniques to create the most engaging classroom on Earth! 

A Coach’s Playbook: Pathways to Engage Teachers with Coaching in room #203

Presented by Michelle Nelson, Cori Gallegos and Rosalinda Jaimes

In this session, instructional coaches and administrators will leave with practical plays and multiple pathways to engage teachers in coaching.  Participants will learn how one district established a coaching program for personalized professional development & the lessons learned along the way. 

How to use Eduprotocols with NGSS to increase DOK in your science classroom in room #204  

Presented by Ariana Hernandez

Use Eduprotocols with NGSS standards to increase DOK within the Science classroom. Strategies, best practices, and iterations will be modeled and shared to support teachers who are looking to create a standards-based, student-centered classroom, plan less, and positively impact student learning.

The Academic Power of Design Thinking: Connecting Education and Community in room #201

Presented by Steve Martinez

Come learn how Design Thinking can be used to actively get students engaged an authentic way! The approaches presented will have a focus on community outreach, which involves stakeholders in the community providing meaningful feedback to help students to solve complex problems.

A Roadmap to Digital Portfolios/Notebooks in room #101

Presented by Dr. Tina Brown and Samia Muhareb

Teachers will take a drive down the path of empowering students to use Google Sites to create and utilize digital portfolios/notebooks for curation and organization. Teachers will leave with the keys to start their own digital portfolios/notebooks journey!

DREAM • CREATE • CELEBRATE: Enter the California Student Media Festival! in room #207

Presented by Mike Lawrence

In its 57th year, the CSMF is the longest running celebration of student creativity in the U.S. The 501c3 org showcases the arts & tech through student creations pre-K-12 in CA. Volunteer-run, the festival is free to enter & attend. Enter and win prizes for your school programs!

Session Materials

Racial Justice and Digital Citizenship: Building Identity and Community in room #107

Presented by Sue Thotz and Leticia Citizen

Learn about the digital lives of our students and how we can:

1) invite authentic identities

2) build community, and 

3) learn to confront bias online. 

We'll make direct connections in digital citizenship (civic learning, SEL, and social media) and the work of racial equity.

Session Materials

It’s the Teaching not the Tools: Empowering your Pedagogy with Tech in room #206

Presented by Katherine Kinsey and Casey Steinert

Join an elementary and secondary educational technology coaching team as we identify four pedagogical practices that have a high impact on student achievement according to John Hattie’s research. Learn how to implement pedagogical strategies in effective, engaging ways using free technology tools.

Session Materials

Problem-Solving with Paper  in the Upper STEAM LAB

Presented by Natalie Cataldo **Paper is a proud sponsor of the IACUE Reimagine EDU Conference**

Differentiation for all, immediate feedback on demand, all while getting your nights and weekends back. Sounds like a dream right? That is the power of Paper in the classroom! In this session, you will get an overview of Paper from both the student and teacher experience and then walk away with a plan for how to get the most out of Paper in your classroom.